C. Dream Catcher 'Little Genie ' (Bright Angel x Beaufort) , MC2817
  • Cattleya  Dream Catcher 'Little Genie' (Bright Angel x Beaufort)
  • Cattleya  Dream Catcher 'Little Genie' (Bright Angel x Beaufort)
  • Cattleya  Dream Catcher 'Little Genie' (Bright Angel x Beaufort)
  • Cattleya  Dream Catcher 'Little Genie' (Bright Angel x Beaufort)
  • Cattleya  Dream Catcher 'Little Genie' (Bright Angel x Beaufort)

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This is super cute, micro-miniature, Cattleya hybrid was made by our good friend H&R Nurseries of Hawaii.  It is the latest addition to our collection of wearable orchids. The C. coccinea in its background contributes to the red color of the flowers and small stature of the hybrid.

 The pod parent, C. Bright Angel (C. Precious Stones × C. coccinea), originates from Stewart Orchids in Carpinteria, CA (no longer in business). The pollen parent, C. Beaufort (C. coccinea × C. luteola), was created and registered by Casa Luna Orchids of Beaufort, SC in 1963. C. Beaufort became the rave and among windowsill growers and became a popular parent in its own right for making miniature Cattleya hybrids. More than 100 crosses have been made since 1991 using C. Beaufort and it has been hybridized with all shapes and sizes of flowers of the Cattleya Alliance.

 The clone ‘Little Genie’ was actually selected by Dogashima Orchid of Japan, who is renowned for its micro-miniature and miniature Cattleya breeding. We are very pleased how this quality tissue culture from Japan turned out. Plant shown in photo is about 3 years out of flask and flowering in 2-inch pot with 3 flowers on a self-supporting spike.  


Grow in medium light allowing the potting mix to just dry between watering. These plants are vigorous and easy to grow and can flower twice per year on very new growth. We found this clone easy to grow and flower for us in Southern California, despite having C. coccinea (a cool to warm growing species) its background. It has heat tolerance from C. aclandiae (a warm growing species) in its background. Intense red and orange with hints of yellow dominate the color of the flowers. Mature plants will produce bigger and more flowers. Can be grown mounted or potted on a windowsill, under lights, or in an orchid cabinet. This is the perfect plant for growers with limited space.


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Color Orange
BloomSeason Spring,Fall
PropagationMethod Mericlone
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Strong 2000+ F.C.,Medium 1000+ F.C.
Class Cattleya
Genus Cattleya
HybridName Dream Catcher
Cultivar Little Genie, Note; Micro Mini Cattleya
PodParent Bright Angel
PollenParent Beaufort
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm,Intermediate


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