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  Not in Anyone’s Shoe Collection



         Lady Slipper orchids are the common name for paphliopedilums and phragmipediums.  The flowers on these orchids are disntinctive because of the cup-like lip called the pouch.   The paphs originate from Asia while the phrags are endemic to South America. Also, most phrags are sequential bloomers while most paphs are not.


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NF2105 Phrag. Nicolle Tower


This re-make of Nicholle Tower has been amazing, producing a solid red-orange color on all its segments!







NF664 Paph Greyi


An almost harlequin pattern in a paph.




NF 2134 Paph. villiosum


A selfing of the clone ‘Hung Sheng’ awarded a Bronze Medal by the Taiwan Paphiopedilum Society!









NF1271 Paph barbatum var rigitum  


Native to Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia, this variety of Paph. barbatum is a very dark-colored form of the species!