Neost. Lou Sneary 'Blue Moon' (Neof. falcata x Rhy. coelestis var coerulea), MC1665
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Item #: MC1665
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Fragrant, amethyst-blue and a miniature Vandaceous hybrid – a winning combination that’s hard to beat ! These well-grown plants are now 4-5 years old and capable to carry  with  1-3 spikes on each plant. Their delightfully fragrant amethyst-blue flowers with deep violet in the lip are complemented by their equally attractive vandaceous foliage bearing purple pigmentation at its base, making them attractive even when not in flower. Easily grown and flowered under conditions ranging from that for Phalaenopsis to Cattleyas. An easy grower, these are absolutely perfect for windowsill and under-lights growing due to their miniature growth habit. Fully mature plants will readily produce basal keikis to form an outstanding specimen of blue. Highly Recommended ! More Details