Grc. . Black Comet 'Norman's Indigo' (Ency.cochleata x Guarechea MiVa Etoile Noire) , MC2342
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This new clone of our extremely popular seedling with an unusual color, Epicattleya (abbreviated Epc.) Miva Etoile Noire that we introduced in 2019, is dwarf and compact and has a beautiful egg-like glossy pseudobulb. The flowers of this charming new hybrid resembles an Encyclia cochleata (now classified as Prosthechea cochleata) that has been dyed purple-blue. As Epc. Miva Etoile Noire is Enc. cochleata x C. bowringiana var. coerulea, the genetic composition of this cross is 75% Enc. cochleata and 25% C. bowringiana (now classified as Gurrianthe bowringiana). A very easy and very rewarding plant with fragrant 3.5-inch flowers borne on a 5-6 inch tall spike. Flowers can range in color from pale blue to dark purple and open one or two at a time, sequentially on either side of the spike. Can bloom continuously for up to 4-6 months as the spike continues to grow and elongate. Mature plants can be in bloom all year round. This is an excellent plant for beginners because it is easy to grow, tolerant of heat, and a reliable bloomer.

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