Den. Niitaka (Cassiope x moniiforme fma alba) , NF2723
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Item #: NF2723
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We are very fortunate to obtain this seed-grown remake of this gorgeous Den. Niitaka (originally registered by Shimadzu of Japan in 1934) created by Mr. Pascal Buscal of Buscal Orchidees of France.

Den. Cassiope is an orchid hybrid with Den. moniliforme x Den. nobile, originated by N.C. Cookson in 1890. In the remake, the alba form of Den. moniforme was used as pollen parent. The genetic composition of this hybrid is Den. moniliforme 75% and Den. nobile 25%. Den. Niitaka is a miniature, compact plant that is weather tolerant. It can be grown in a pot or mounted. It can be grown indoors on a bright windowsill or under lights, or outdoors in climates where winters are frost-free. These plants produce an abundance of fragrant, long-lasting flowers on old canes and newly mature canes 2 – 3 times a year! For best blooming, provide a cooler, drier winter rest. It is normal for the leaves to turn yellow and drop in winter. This incredible hybrid is rarely found in the market.

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 PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a Seedling Population (not a Mericlone which produces exact duplicates), the picture is for illustration purposes only. No two plants will be the same from this cross, and they will flower in a range of possibilities coming from the two parents.

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