Den. sanderae var. luzonicum NF1473
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Item #: NF1473
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Den. sanderae, a member of the Fromosae Section, is both beautiful and highly variable with 5 recognized varieties. The typical form has an upright, sympodial growth habit. Den. sanderae var. luzonicum has stems up to 30 cm tall, 9 mm in diameter, leaves 3.5 cm long by 1.8 cm wide. Inflorescence from near the top of the stem bearing 4 flowers, measuring 4.5 cm across. This variety has broader petals and lip than the type species and the white flower had an apple-green blotch in the throat of the lip. The sepals are triangular, the petals broadly ovate, lip 3-lobed, lateral lobes rounded, midlobe fan-shaped. It is endemic to the Catalyan Island to the north of Luzon where it grows at low elevations. It is easily distinguished from the type by its smaller stature and the much longer spur of the flower . Extremely long lasting flowers and re-bloom on the old canes. A must for any Denderobium collection. More Details