C. Chien Ya Champion 'Red Apple' (Chien Ya Ruby x Chien Ya Emperor), MC1910
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Item #: MC1910
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One of the newest hybrids from Taiwan bearing up to 4” red flowers on a very compact (miniature) plant is quickly becoming a perennial customer favorite! We are fortunate to have obtained the first release of this clone directly from the breeder, so this is not a mericlone of a mericlone, rather a clone from the original mother plant. An amazingly free-bloomer, it can produce up to four extremely fragrant flowers per inflorescence. C. walkeriana is in its ancestry. The photo shows the diamond-dusted texture of the flower, which is rarely seen in a miniature red Cattleya. The other photos show the perfect presentation of the flowers on the spike and the diminutive tea cup size of this adorable miniature Cattleya. It is weather tolerant, able to withstand temperature extremes from cool to hot, favoring warm. It grows well outdoors and flowers twice a year in south Florida and for us in Southern California, once in spring and again in fall. Easy to grow and a reliable bloomer. Can be grown on a bright windowsill or under lights. Highly Recommended for fragrant orchid lovers, beginners, growers with limited space, growers in hot climates!

 #Cattleya #fragrant #diamond-dusted #windowsill #under-lights #miniature #weather-tolerant #blooms-twice/year

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