Pot. Young-Min Gold 'Golden Water' Patent Pending , MC2453
  • Pot. Young-Min Gold 'Golden Water' Patent Pending
  • Pot. Young-Min Gold 'Golden Water' Patent Pending
  • Pot. Young-Min Gold 'Golden Water' Patent Pending
  • Pot. Young-Min Gold 'Golden Water' Patent Pending
  • Pot. Young-Min Gold 'Golden Water' Patent Pending

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We are extremely delighted to offer this exclusive USA release of Rhyncattleanthe (abbreviated Rth.) Young-Min Gold ‘Golden Water’, created by Young-Min Orchid Nursery (Taiwan) who also made the sensational, awarded Rth. Young-Min Orange 'Golden Sensation' AM/AOS. These plants originate from the finest quality tissue culture process. We employed micro-division, which is the best method for cloning compared to the callus induction/proliferation method that may sometimes result in unwanted mutations and affect the quality of the clones.

The pod parent, Rth. Young-Min Orange, is an extraordinary hybrid that could brighten even the cloudiest day! The clone, ‘Golden Satisfaction’ AM/AOS, is the most famous and popular. It is a prolific bloomer, putting out a mass of cheerful, long-lasting, bright-orange blooms. Due to the influence of Lc. Trick or Treat (now Cattlianthe Trick or Treat) parent, these plants will proliferate quickly and form a multi-growth specimen plant in a few years. This clone is a proven grower and reliable bloomer for us in Southern CA, blooming in spring and again in fall. It is considered one of the best mini-orange Cattleya hybrid. Flowers have a diamond-dusted texture and a wonderful fragrance. The pollen parent, Rth. Shinfong Little Sun, is a sensational super-compact, miniature, orange hybrid Cattleya. It bears clusters of thick-textured flowers open a rich yellow that then turns pumpkin-orange as it matures. It flowers twice a year for us. Being weather tolerant, it can tolerate temperature down to 45°F—we grow them outdoors in southern California and keep the potting media dry during the colder months.

 Rth. Young-Min Gold ‘Golden Water’ has the best qualities from both proven parents, i.e., compact growth habit, strong inflorescence (no staking is necessary, shorter and more compact than Rth. Young-Min Orange ‘Golden Sensation’ AM/AOS), bearing clusters of long-lasting flowers with heavy substance, and blooms twice a year with an abundance of flowers. These easy to grow plants are very vigorous, quickly growing to a specimen size. Very low maintenance and tolerant of wide temperature range make this an excellent plant for a beginner. Very disease resistant in particular to Botrytis. Can be grown on a bright windowsill or under lights. Perfect for mounting or growing outdoors in areas where winters are frost free and temperatures are above 45°F. A welcome addition to any orchid collection. Perfect for growing on a bright windowsill, under lights, or in an orchid cabinet. Its compact size makes it excellent for growing in small spaces. We expect many awards for this magnificent plant. Highly recommended.

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Color Orange
BloomSeason Spring,Fall
PropagationMethod Mericlone
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Strong 2000+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm,Intermediate
Class Cattleya
Genus Pot
HybridName Young-Min Gold
Cultivar Golden Water , Note:Patent Pending
PodParent Young-Min Orange ' Golden Sensatoin ' AM/OAS
PollenParent Shinfong Little Sun

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