621002, 5" Antiqued Rosewood Box
  • Plastic grid for mounting orchids
  • Rectangular Black Mounting Air Slab
  • Rectangular Black Mounting Air Slab
  • Rectangular Black Mounting Air Slab

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Light weight, very sturdy, UV-resistant black plastic grid for mounting orchids, ferns, air plants, bromeliads, etc. Long-lasting and will not grow mold, algae, rot, or decay like cork or wood slabs. Measures 2.5" W x  8" L x 0.25" thick, with 50 holes. The grid can be cut into two 4-inch lengths to mount miniature orchids or other small plants. We recommend using a thin layer of sphagnum moss or sheet moss as a base and fasten the plant with a cable zip tie through the holes in the grid. Roots will grow into the grid and eventually become solidly attached. Mount can be hung by attaching an S-hook or coated wire (not provided) into one of the pre-drilled hole on top and bottom.


Class Accessory
HybridName Plastic grid for mounting orchids.
Cultivar note : 2.5" W x 8" L x 0.5" thick - with 50 holes


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