Phal. formosanum 'Variegata' , MC2732
  • Phal. formosanum 'Variegata'
  • Phal. aphrodite  var. formosanum 'Variegata'
  • Phal. aphrodite  var. formosanum 'Variegata'
  • Phal. aphrodite  var. formosanum 'Variegata'
  • Phal. aphrodite  var. formosanum 'Variegata'

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Phal. formosanum is a compact species . It occurs from Taiwan to the Philippines at elevations up to 1000 feet. It closely resembles Phal. amablis but differs in the red lip disc, the triangular mid lobe and its smaller flowers (3 inches compared to 4 inches of Phal. amabilis). The subspecies formosanum is found only on the island of Taiwan. It produces a multitude of white flowers on a branching inflorescence.


This clone ‘Variegata’ was selected for its striking variegation along the margins of the leaves and abundance of pristine white flowers produced on compact branching spikes. The flower buds also have light variegation that further accentuates the bold variegated pattern of its leaves. This clone is more compact in growth habit and spike length than the regular Phal. aphrodite ssp. formosanum or now Phal formosanum.  We used micro-division on this clone to ensure the highest quality of variegation in the leaves.


Very easy to grow and bloom; perfect for beginners. Can be grown on a bright windowsill, under lights, or in an orchid cabinet. A welcome addition to any orchid collection. A “must have” for collectors of variegated orchids. Highly recommended.


#phal #species #variegated #easy #beginner #floriferous #windowsill #underlights #orchidcabinet #compact  

Color White,Other
BloomSeason Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter
PropagationMethod Stem
Fragrance No
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Medium 1000+ F.C.,Low 800+ F.C.
Species True
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm
Class Phalaenopsis , species
Genus Phal.
HybridName formosanum
Cultivar Variegata , Note : Amazing clone


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