Phal. Unimax Wonderland 'Lipstick' (Taisuco Fevor x Unimax Waltz) , mc1168
  • Phal. Unimax Wonderland Kyoto '  (Taisuco Fevor x Unimax Waltz)
  • Phal. Unimax Wonderland Kyoto '  (Taisuco Fevor x Unimax Waltz)
  • Phal. Unimax Wonderland Kyoto '  (Taisuco Fevor x Unimax Waltz)

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This sensational hybrid is the offspring of Phal. Taisuco Fevor —the world-famous, remarkable, white Phalaenopsis known for its excellent growth habit, 4+ feet long arching graceful inflorescence, and large elegant white blooms. We are thrilled and pleased to release the semi-alba clone ‘Kyoto ’, which has the largest flower size at 5.5 inches (14 cm) with excellent flower substance and the graceful arching of classic large standard white Phalaenopsis.

 The pollen parent, Phal. Unimax Waltz, has become the most popular semi-alba Phal hybrid in Japan as its flower is like the Japanese flag—white with red center. The goal in creating Phal. Unimax Wonderland   was to make a semi-alba flower with the size, substance, and gracefulness of Phal. Sogo Yukidian. The hybridizer certainly succeeded in their goal. We have found this clone to be smog resistant for Los Angeles, CA. Soon to be a classic, we expect many flower quality awards for this clone with exceptional parents. Highly recommended for any modern Phal collection.

 #Phal #hybrid #sensational #semialba #largeflower #excellentsubstance #gracefularching #smogresistant #awardquality

Color White,Other
BloomSeason Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter
PropagationMethod Mericlone
Fragrance No
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House
LightRequirement Medium 1000+ F.C.,Low 800+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower False
Temperature Warm
Flower Size 5"
Class Phalaenopsis
Genus Phal.
HybridName Unimax Wonderland
Cultivar Kyoto , Note : Large 14 cm flower ,Emerging spikes as 7/22/2022
PodParent Taisuco Fevor
PollenParent Unimax Waltz


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