Phal. Sogo Moimi 'Sweet Fragrance' (stuartiana x Sogo Pride) , MC2496
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Phal. Sogo Moimi was originally created and registered by Sogo Orchids in 2002. We are extremely excited about this remake using the yellow form (nobilis) of Phalstuartiana as the pod parent. Phal. stuartiana f. nobilis is known for being a miniature, having compact leaves, branching inflorescence, and flowers that open white to faint yellow that then become an intense canary-yellow color after 10 – 14 days. The pollen parent is Phal. Sogo Pride (Brother Lawrence x Sogo Manager), which set a new standard in non-fading yellow novelty hybrid Phal.


This remake is half the size as the original cross and reaches 6 – 8 inches maximum height at maturity. 

The clone ‘Sweet Fragrance’ was selected for it sweet fragrance and compact size—it has a 4-inch leaf span in a 2.5" pot, robust growth, and the spike has good compact and branching habit from the Phal. stuartiana f. nobilis. Ten or more cheerful, long-lasting, fragrant, yellow flowers have diamond-dusted texture and excellent, firm substance held high above the foliage. Plants are well suited for growing on a bright windowsill or under lights or in a plant cabinet. Highly recommended for growers with limited space and people who grow under lights.


Color Yellow,Other
BloomSeason Spring,Summer,Fall
PropagationMethod Mericlone
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Medium 1000+ F.C.,Low 800+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm
Class Phalaenopsis
Genus Phal.
HybridName Sogo Moimi
Cultivar Sweet Fragrance , Note : Amazing Fragrance .
PodParent stuartiana
PollenParent Sogo Pride


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