Paph. acmodontum (acmodontum ' Val' AM/AOS x acmodontum 'SF Giant'), NF2188
  • Paph. acmodontum  (acmodontum ' Val' AM/AOS x acmodontum 'SF Giant')

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A somewhat hard to find species, Paphiopedilum (abbreviated Paph.) acmodontum is a terrestrial orchid endemic to Negros Island of the Philippines, found at elevations between 3,300 ft. and 5,000 ft. This hot to warm grower has beautifully tessellated leaves, and flowers on upright compact inflorescences with bold green and burgundy marked flowers. It is a fantastic compact-growing mottled leaf species, and is easy to grow and flower under Phalaenopsis conditions with excellent drainage. Can be grown under lights or on a windowsill. This is the only Paphiopedilum that has a point that comes up in the front center of the pouch! Here, two very outstanding parents were selected, Paph. acmodontum 'Val' AM/AOS (from the Tonkin Paphiopedilum Collection) and Paph. acmodontum 'SF Giant' (the largest and best form from Golden Gate Orchids) to produce this new strain with unusually large flowers for the type. Highly recommended for beginners and the Paph. species collector.

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PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a Seedling Population (not a Mericlone which produces exact duplicates), the picture is for illustration purposes only. No two plants will be the same from this cross, and they will flower in a range of possibilities coming from the two parents.
Color Green,Pink,Other
BloomSeason Spring,Fall
PropagationMethod Seedling
Fragrance Yes
LightRequirement Medium 1000+ F.C.
Species True
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm
Class Paphiopedilum, Species
Genus Paph.
HybridName acmodontum
Cultivar Note: Limited, charming compact species.
PodParent acmodontum 'Val' AM/AOS
PollenParent acmodontum 'SF Giant'


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