Paph. Golddollar (primulinum var flava x armeniacum ' Gold Cup') , NF2773
  • Paph. Golddollar  (primulinum var flava x armeniacum ' Gold Cup')
  • Paph. Golddollar  (primulinum var flava x armeniacum ' Gold Cup')
  • Paph. Golddollar  (primulinum var flava x armeniacum ' Gold Cup')
  • Paph. Golddollar  (primulinum var flava x armeniacum ' Gold Cup')

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Paph. Golddollar is a primary hybrid originated by H. Doll in 1988. It is a cross of Paph. primulinum and Paph. armeniacum. This stunning remake was created using superior parents. Using Paph. primilinum f. flava as the pod parent, will be easier to grow and flower and have heat tolerance. Crosses using Paph. armeniacum as the pod parent are slower to grow and not as heat tolerant. This cross has a very compact growth habit, produces sequential blooms, and is easy to grow and flower. Our clients in hot climates from Arizona to Florida have reported they had no problem blooming this cross. With Paph. primulinum f. flava as a parent, this hybrid does not require a cool nighttime temperature to bloom that the species Paph. armeniacum does. Plants have beautiful variegated foliage from the Paph. armeniacum influence. These plants can produce or more flowers per inflorescence when mature.


Paphs detest soggy growing medium; pot in well-draining media. Grow these plants in intermediate light and warm temperature with high humidity and good air circulation. Water twice per week for best results. As with all Paphs, its roots are sensitive to salt buildup from excess fertilizer which causes leaf tips to turn brown. It is a good practice to flush the medium with fresh, clean water once a month and repot Paphs in fresh media every year. Excellent for growing under lights or on a windowsill. Plants are weather tolerant, pest and disease resistant. Highly recommended for beginners and Paph collectors. Hybrids made with Paph. armeniacum are rarely available as they are slow growing and do not yield many viable seeds. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy this magnificent hybrid.

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PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a Seedling Population (not a Mericlone which produces exact duplicates), the picture is for illustration purposes only. No two plants will be the same from this cross, and they will flower in a range of possibilities coming from the two parents.

Class Paphiopdilum
Genus Paph.
HybridName Gold Dollar
Cultivar Note: Compact Plant
PodParent primulinum var flava
PollenParent armeniacum ' Gold Cup'
Color Yellow
BloomSeason Spring,Winter
PropagationMethod Seedling
Fragrance No
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House
LightRequirement Medium 1000+ F.C.,Low 800+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True
Temperature Warm,Intermediate


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