What people are saying

We have dedicated this portion of our website to let you know what people are saying about Orchids.com. Below are excerpts from but a few of the many letters we receive daily from customers who have had good, positive experiences with their orchids from Orchids.com.

I just wanted to send an e-mail to let you know how pleased I was with my last purchase from you; I bought a Butterfly Orchid in May as a gift for my mother; When I went home at Thanksgiving, that orchid was STILL blooming!!
It was an amazing gift, and I would definitely purchase from you again; it has brought months of enjoyment. Best regards, J. Lizer Chicago, IL

My relatives in Oklahoma City just received their Celebration Harlequin Phalenopsis orchid. They just spoke with me and described to me how gorgeous this orchid looks. Despite traveling through freezing weather, the orchid arrived in splendid shape. My family noted the packaging was excellent. You've definitely won me over and I plan to buy future orchids from you! Have a great day.
Reaves Scottsdale, AZ

Just a brief note to say how very very happy I am with the orchids that I ordered from your company. Although I already had several orchids, I wanted to posses a wider variety of colors in my collection. I have now ordered a dozen from you over the past month and plan to order more (as soon as I make more space in my apartment for them!). The orchids were in excellent condition and the ones in spike/bud are now all blooming. Thanks again, Deb, Virginia

I receive my three orchids 2 weeks ago and two of the three are in bloom and are just beautiful. Many compliments to you for lovely plants, well packaged. I am as excited about my NEW Love as a little kid.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Jeanne, Maine

"I've now bought two orchids - one for myself and one as a gift - and have referred others to your site to also purchase orchids. The product speaks for itself. I ordered a flower to keep in the office and most everyone who stops by comments on what a beauty it is. It's been growing and blooming continually since I received it. Your online tool was what helped me find the right plant - it's perfect for the light, moisture, other conditions in the office - and it's just beautiful - just like the photo image. No disappointment or surprise.
Also, I must comment on how well you shipments are packaged. These gorgeous flowering plants really are protected from any damage while in transit by the care you take in packing them up. The instructions are very helpful too. On time, no problems. Amazing!
I just wanted to let you know what a satisfying experience it has been buying from www.orchids.com. Thanks." - Danuta, Illinois

"Just wanted to let you know I received Dendrobium Mount Kelly Beauty 'Montclair' yesterday in excellent condition. Very nice plant and fully budded with the
first about to open perhaps in another day. Thanks for the beautiful orchid as well as the fast delivery and by the way - your customer service is excellent too!" - S. W., Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to say Thank You for the prompt service on my order. My mom just phoned me and she loved the orchids that I ordered for her birthday." - B.M., Florida

"Orchids arrived in excellent condition and they are beautiful. Your reputation for quality orchids is certainly justified. Thank you for your professional handling of these beautiful plants. I look forward to ordering more plants from you." - K.B., New Jersey

"I received my order today and am thrilled with the quality of plants. I was very excited to find one plant in bloom and another in spike with large buds. You have made my day. I will be telling the folks at my orchid society all about your great plants." - J.M., New Hampshire

"The plants arrived this afternoon in fine shape and my orchid growing friend liked her plants very much. You do an expert job of packing and we both appreciate that." - C.M., Minnesota

"I know you probably get a lot of email, but I just wanted to let you know the orchids arrived and they were wonderful. Everything was in excellent shape and they all looked very healthy and nice. Working with you and your greenhouse was great and you can count on me being a return customer as well as recommending you any chance I get. Thanks so much." - A.J., Oregon

"Shipment arrived yesterday in great shape. Not one bud was broken on the Phalaenopsis. I can't wait to see my other two plants in bloom. Thanks for the tour of your facility and I look forward to visit you on my next trip to California." - S.M., Virginia

"Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. I have been thoroughly pleased with all of the plants I have received from you, and will continue to visit your site often. Your opinion and expertise are much appreciated." - D.R., Ohio

"I received my candy striped Phalaenopsis today and I am very pleased with it. What a nice looking plant. The orchid came so well packed and I can assure you that there will be repeat orders from me. Thanks again!" - M.G., Arizona