Bc. Hippodamia (nodosa ' Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS x aclandiae ' Dark ') , NF904
  • Bc. Hippodamia (nodosa 'Susan Fuchs'  FCC/AOS x aclandiae 'Dark ')
  • Bc. Hippodamia  (nodosa ' Susan Fuchs'  FCC/AOS x aclandiae ' Dark ')
  • Bc. Hippodamia  (nodosa ' Susan Fuchs'  FCC/AOS x aclandiae ' Dark ')

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Bc. Hippodamia is one of the classic primary hybrids. It was created and registered by Charlesworth & Company, Ltd. of England in 1908. Originally made with B. nodosa and C. aclandiae, here we remade it using the awarded clone ‘Susan Fuchs’ FCC/AOS of B. nodosa and a particularly dark form of C. aclandiae. The result of this remake is incredible! The flowers are impressive with a really big lip from B. nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS influence with very dark spots from the C. aclandiae influence. It is highly fragrant day and night. Plants are very compact growing and bloom at least twice a year in South Florida. It is weather resistant, tolerant of hot and cold temperature extremes favoring warm. Can be grown outdoors in areas where winters are frost free and above 50°F. Excellent for growing on a windowsill, under lights, or in an orchid cabinet. Can be grown mounted, in a pot, or in a hanging basket. Easy to grow! Highly recommended.

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Class Cattleya
Genus Bc.
HybridName Hippodamia
PodParent nodosa ' Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS
PollenParent aclandiae ' Dark '
PropagationMethod Seedling
Fragrance Yes
PlantLocation Greenhouse,House,Outdoor-frost free
LightRequirement Strong 2000+ F.C.
Species False
CompactGrower True


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