Faux Truee Trunk for Mounting ( UV Treated ) Set of 3 , A000177
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Item #: A000177
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Description & Details

Imported from Thailand, this light weight, very sturdy, UV-resistant black plastic textured slab is ideal for mounting orchids, ferns, air plants, bromeliads, etc. The surface has long vertical grooves for roots to adhere to. It has several pre-drilled 9 holes for fasten the plant. There are also holes at the top for inserting a wire hanger. The knob serves as a mounting guide where the roots should be placed.

 Made of quality material, it is long-lasting and will not grow mold, algae, rot, or decay like cork or wood slabs. Measures 2.25" W x 7" L. We recommend using a thin layer of sphagnum moss or sheet moss as a base and fasten the plant with cable zip tie or twist-tie through the holes on either side of the slab. Roots will grow into the grooves and eventually cover the slab, becoming solidly attached. Mount can be hung by attaching an S-hook or coated wire (not provided) into one of the pre-drilled holes on top. 

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