Smbc. Frances Fox 'Sun Spots' (Bc. Polka Dot ' Mardi Gras' AM/AOS x Schom. tibicinis) MC2043
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Item #: MC2043
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A brand new and exciting intergeneric hybrid combining the best of the genus Schomburgkia with a great compact growing Cattleya, creating a Schombocattleya !  Its most outstanding feature is its large ruffled orange lip, beautifully enhanced with burgundy spots.  This plant is a compact grower due to its Bc. Polka Dot parent which is ½ Brassavola nodosa, giving it a very clean and upright growth habit.  Producing 2-4 waxy fragrant flowers per inflorescence, this clone was originally developed for the Cattleya cut-flower market due to the longevity of its flowers.  Very weather tolerant, it can be grown outdoors in frost-free climates.  New and limited.  Highly Recommended ! More Details