Pot. Smiley Kiss 'Wilson' , MC2247 , MC224 , MC247 , MC2
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Item #: MC2247
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This dazzling darling of a mini-catt was registered in 2018. The parent Blc. Toshie Aoki created by Miyamoto Orchid of Hawaii is considered one of the best yellow Cattleya with a red lip. Combined with Slc. Angel Kiss, the result is a highly scented vibrant, fiery red flower with a rich orange throat and darker red border on the ruffled lip, with improved heat tolerance. It flowers twice a year—once in spring and again in the fall. The cool temperature of spring will produce flowers with deep red color, while the warmer fall temperatures will tend to produce flowers that are more orange-red. The improved heat tolerance makes this miniature red cattleya suitable for growing in hot climates. Highly  More Details