Phal. amabilis 'Fancy Pearl' ( x ), MC500
Phal. aphrodite var formosanum  4N  'Fancy Pearl'  ( x )
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Phal. aphrodite is a compact species found from Taiwan to the Philippines in primary and secondary forests at elevations up to 1,000 feet. The flowering season is from October until April. This is the tetraploid form of Phal. aphrodite var. formosana found in Taiwan (Babuyan Island form of the Philippines). These plants have more cool tolerance than the regular variety of the species. With its elegantly arching flower spikes and beautifully, round, jade-green foliage, the clone 'Fancy Pearl' is exceptional! A proven tetraploid, it has sturdy, self-supporting spike, and long-lasting white flowers with a heavy substance. When fully mature, it can produce multiple cascading sprays of abundant, pristine, white flowers, creating a dramatic waterfall display that stands on its own. This wonderful, easy growing, compact species is in the background of almost every standard hybrid Phal. Perfect for growing on a windowsill or under lights. Highly recommended!


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