Phal. Perfection Is 'Chen' FCC/AOS (Golden Peoker x Black Eagle) , MC429
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Item #: mc429
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We are extremely excited and fortunate to offer this classic Phal. Perfection Is 'Chen'—considered to be one of the best Phal. gigantea hybrids in modern Phal breeding history and one of the best Phal. Golden Peoker hybrids. The mother plant of Phal. Perfection Is ‘Chen’ received the coveted First Class Certificate (FCC) of 94 points from the American Orchid Society (AOS) and the Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE) of 97 points from the AOS at the Taiwan International Orchid Show in 2002. The breeder of this phenomenal plant was Mr. Chen of I-Hsin Biotech, who was one of the most respected orchid hybridizers in Taiwan. 


I have over 30 years of friendship with Mr. Chen and his family and was lucky to obtain a true stem propagation of the magnificent Phal. Perfection Is 'Chen' FCC/AOS from Mr. Chen, who made over one hundred amazing hybrids for his company. This clone was tightly held by Mr. Chen, who hated to have his masterpieces and hard work be massed produced. At the time I received the true stem propagation, I promised Mr. Chen that I would never release his hybrids while he was alive. Sadly, Mr. Chen passed away about 4 years ago.


These plants are from a limited stem propagation—not mass produced mericlones. This amazing clone stays very compact with shiny round leaves. Abundant fragrant, well-shaped, waxy flowers are proudly held above the foliage on medium height spikes. Sequential blooming plants have a multi-spike habit. Sequential blooming means that flowers bloom one after another alternately on either side of the spike. Multiple spike habit means it is capable of giving a long-lasting display, as previously flowered spikes remain green for several years producing even more buds and flowers while simultaneously creating additional new flower spikes. Do not cut the flower spike unless it is brown and dry. Can be grown either on a windowsill or under lights. A must have for any modern novelty Phal. breeding program. Highly recommended for lovers of novelty Phals and fragrant orchids.


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