Phal. LD Sun Rose 'Prince' (Mituo Sun King x Mituo King Bellina) , MC2685
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Item #: MC2685
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This new release from Prince Orchids is the one we have been waiting for! The stunning rosy red color catches your eye and the flower has great shape! The clone ‘Prince’ (given only to his best) was selected by Mr. Yang Yang from among hundreds of seedlings for having compact leaves, free blooming flowers with contrasting colors, and intense fragrance. It has over 10 novelty Phal species in its background. The major genetic composition is Phal. bellina 25.0%, Phal. violacea 17.0%, Phal. lueddemanniana 11.86%, Phal. venosa 11.73%, and Phal. amboinensis 11.52.

 This compact grower is perfect for growing under lights, on a window sill, in an orchid cabinet, hanging basket, or mounted. It can produce multiple flower spikes that remain green for a long time so it blooms for several years. Do not cut the spike unless it is brown and dry. The flowers are waxy, have great substance, and last a long time. We have high expectations for multiple flower quality awards on this cross. Highly recommended!

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