Phal Ember 'Blumen Insel , AM/AOS' (Mahalo 'Carmela' FCC/AOS x George Veasquez 'Eureka' FCC/AOS ) MC492
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Phal. Ember 'Blumen Insel' AM/AOS is consistently on people’s top favorite orchids and it’s easy to see why. This awarded clone has 2-inch (6-cm) glossy, waxy, long-lasting, solid, dark red flowers borne on a sturdy, thick florescence, and strong, rose floral scent. It has compact leaves, multiple spikes, sequential bloomer, reblooms on old and new spikes. Do not cut off the spike unless it is brown and dry. The genetic composition of this hybrid is 50.0% Phal. violacea, 21.88% Phal. lueddemanniana, 18.75% Phal. amboinensis, 4.2% Phal. schilleriana, 3.23% Phal. stuartiana, 0.78% Phal. Aphrodite, 0.78% Phal. sanderiana, 0.39% Phal. amabilis.

We rarely repeat sales of clones, but this plant holds a special place as it is the classic American-made red phal with an amazing fragrance; and early-spring blooming novelty which and can bloom from March to October—sooner than most novelty phals. This awarded clone has Phal. Mahalo 'Carmela' FCC/AOS—the best Hawaiian red phal, as the pod parent and Phal. George Vasquez 'Eureka' FCC/AOS—the best California red Phal as the pollen parent. Both parents have been awarded a First Class Certificate from the American Orchid Society, the highest flower quality award so the flowers of this cross are equally exceptional. This is an excellent plant for a bright windowsill or under lights.

A “must have” for any modern Phal collection.

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