Phill. Eddy Redwine (Phal. Chang Jhih Coral x Phal Sogo Kaiulani) MC2278, MC227, MC22, MC2
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Item #: MC2278
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This is a novelty red complex hybrid phalaenopsis created by the renowned hybridizer Eddy Su in Taiwan, registered in 2014. Phal. Sogo Kaiulani has produced wonderful novelty hybrids and this is perhaps one of the best. Phal. Sogo Kaiulani is Phal. Princess Kaiulani x Phal. Yungho Princess Gelb. Phal. Princess Kaiulani is amboinensis x violacea. Phal. Coral Isles is a grandparent of Phal. Chang Jhih Coral. Phal. Coral Isles is another excellent breeder producing many fine hybrids. The genetic composition of this cross is 40% violacea, 36% amboinensis, 21% leuddemaniana, and 3% micholitzii. This clone ‘Ruby’ has a wonderfully strong mixture of fragrance from violacea, amboinensis and lueddemanniana. Heat tolerant and non-fading saturated red flowers keeps going during the hot summer season. Flowers have very good substance and are long lasting. Will continue to bloom from old spikes for several years. Do not cut the spike until it turns yellow. Highly recommended for hot climates.


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