Pelst. elata 'Dove' , MC7
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This rare and beautiful species is found in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Venzuela in shaded grassland edges and stone outcrops in tropical wet forests at elevations of 330 – 2,300 feet (100 to 700 m). It is a large sized, warm to hot growing terrestrial or lithophytic orchid. I picked up these magnificent plants when I was judging in South America.  

 Plants have the most attractive, large clustered pseudobulbs that have a round egg-like shape. Waxy, fragrant white blooms are held on tall, upright stems. Inflorescences can be up to 3 feet tall and carry 10 – 15 flowers that appear in late summer and early fall, although spikes can take months to reach maturity. Highly citrus scented, waxy, long-lasting, cup-shaped flowers open successively, over a long period. It is the national flower of Panama and is commonly called the “Dove Orchid” or “Holy Ghost Orchid” and it is easy to see the dove sitting on the nest within the flower. The clone ‘Dove’ is a vigorous grower and is rarely seen in the marketplace.  

 This species should be grown in warm to hot conditions. As young seedlings, it should be given low to medium light; as plants mature brighter light can be given. Young foliage can burn easily in extreme temperatures or bright light so constant air circulation is recommended. We grow these plants in the intermediate greenhouse when plant is mature. It can tolerate temperature as low as 50°F if the media is kept dry. Water and feed well during active growth. Reduce fertilizer and water in the winter but do not allow roots to become dry for long periods. As with many terrestrials, roots are fuzzy and must have some moisture at all times. We recommend using sphagnum moss as a potting medium, especially in dry areas such as Arizona and Southern California. Note, plants can drop its older leaves—this is normal. Do not be concerned about leaf discoloration as it will be shed. Highly recommended for the species collector.  

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