Onc Jiaho Queen ' Jiaho ' GM/TOGA ( Mulattas x varicosa ) MC2169 , MC216 , MC2 , 2169
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Item #: MC2169
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We are proud to offer this exclusive USA release from our good friend and fantastic hybridizer, Jiaho Orchids of Taiwan. This striking yellow and black flowers of this miniature Oncidium hybrid resembles a bumble bee. Oncidium Jiaho Queen 'Jiaho' GM/TOGA is considered the best Onc. varicosa hybrid to date. The Taiwan Orchid Growers Association (TOGA) has awarded this clone a Gold Medal, which is equivalent to a First Class Certificate in the American Orchid Society. This hybrid is also known as Gomesa Jiaho Queen 'Jiaho' GM/TOGA as both parents have now been reclassified as Gomesa. Unlike its species parent Onc. varicosa, the clone is warmth tolerant. It has a compact growth and can flower in a 2.5-inch pot. Grow in bright indirect light and allow it to dry out between watering.

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