A000018, Norman's Premium Medium Orchid Mixes - 1/2 c.f. (SHIPS UPS GROUND.)
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(Shipped FEDEX Ground). Pasterized orchid potting mix that free from weed seeds and any pathogens. We use only the finest fresh harvested douglas fir bark and ammended with our exclusive synthanic moss and washed perlite. This mix is ideal for 4" pot size and above. We use this mix for orchids like to dry between watering like Cattleya, Oncidium and Botanical orchids. Because of the weight, we ship this item FedEx ground service. Norman's Premium Orchid Mix : * Less Watering * ideal ph 6.5-7 * 100 % Organic, Sterile * Increase Root Growth * Stable Carbon Source * Highly Porous - Excellent Drainage * Improves Water Holding Capacity * Improves Nutrient Holding Capacity * Hold Moisture up to 20 Times Its Weight * Fewer Mold, Alge, Fungus Problems More Details