Black Orchid Plant, Monn. Millennium Magic 'Witchcraft' AM/AOS (Ctnchs. Midnight Jem x Morm. sinuata), MC1684
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Item #: MC1684
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As close to being really black as any orchid can get ! Its rare and unusual flower color produces a dramatically stunning display that will surely stop anyone in their tracks by its total absorption of light. Gracefully pendulous spikes of these fragrant flowers are produced in the Fall and Winter as the deciduous leaves on the newly matured growths begin to yellow and drop, allowing for an unencumbered appreciation of these dark flowers. Although it is recommended that these are best grown under Cattleya-like conditions for robust growth and flowering, they are very flexible as to their light and heat requirements and have been known to grow and flower well under high light Phalaenopsis conditions also. Flowers can last up to six weeks or longer before the onset of new growths. After flowering and when leafless, water sparingly until the new growths have 3-5” roots, then resume normal watering and fertilizing in order to maintain constant moisture around the roots until the next season’s dormancy. Very Highly Recommended ! More Details