Modular Square Mounting Cube -3 holes A000165
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Item #: A000165
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Description & Details

These new and improved 3-hole mounting boxes are perfect for mounting orchids. Each box is 1.5 inches deep with more room to accommodate sphagnum moss. Made from UV-resistant plastic to withstand exposure to the sun, it should last a long time. There are many small holes to promote quick drying. Boxes are modular and expandable; two or more boxes can be connected together to create one large mount. To use mount, insert orchid roots into one of the round holes on the front of the box and fill the inside of the box with sphagnum moss. Ensure the roots are firmly secure in the box so that the orchid does not fall out of the box. The mounting possibilities are endless. Use it for epiphytic orchids including bulbophyllum, miniature orchids, pendulous dendrobiums, phalaenopsis, oncidium, and vandaceous orchids. Create a magnificent display for pendulous dendrobiums such as Den. Nestor, Den. anosmumDen. aphyllumDen. primulinumDen. loddigesii, Den. parishii, etc. Dimensions of each box are 5.5" x 4.5" x 1.50". 

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