Miltoniopsis Night Spots 'Orchid Royale' (Red Night x Memoria Ida Seigel) , MC2484
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Miltoniopsis (abbreviated Mps.) is often called the “Pansy Orchid” because its flowers resemble the pansy. Not to be confused with its similar sounding warm-growing relative the Miltonia (abbreviated Milt.), Miltoniopsis are cool to intermediate growers.

 This incredible Miltoniopsis hybrid was bred and registered by Orchid Royale Orchid Nursery (California) in 1994. Orchid Royale Orchid Nursery (now defunct) created many Miltoniopsis hybrids in the 1990s; they were known for hybridizing with the miniature species Miltoniopsis phalaenopsis to create remarkable flowers with the waterfall pattern or tear drops on the lip that remain popular to this day. The pod parent, Mps. Red Night is an amazing large (almost 5 inches wide!) standard red Miltoniopsis. The pollen parent, Mps. Memoria Ida Seigel, has two of the most successful waterfall pattern lip Miltoniopsis as parents (Cindy Kane x Echo Bay), but flowers are 3 inches wide. The addition of Mps. Red Night increases flower size to almost 4 inches wide. We obtained a special division of Mps. Night Spots from our good friend Mr. Jim Burkey of Orchid Royale Orchid Nursery. We gave it the clonal name ‘Orchid Royale’ in honor of the company that created this amazing compact Miltoniopsis. 

Vigorous plants produce two inflorescences per pseudobulb, each can have up to five large, stunning, full, round, wonderfully, fragrant flowers. This robust clone, 'Orchid Royale', has burgundy petals, the lip   blush pink with a white waterfall mask. The diamond-dusted flowers are intensely fragrant and can last up to 8 weeks if kept cool.

 Miltoniopsis grow best in bright indirect light, under intermediate temperatures, tightly potted in sphagnum moss, kept evenly moist, given good air circulation, and high humidity. Low humidity or uneven watering will cause the leaves to be pleated like an accordion, which are not reversible. They do not tolerate heat and high temperatures; good air movement is essential during the summer. Can be grown on a windowsill or under lights. Summer time is its rest period. Only repot in late fall/early winter when the  new shoot is 4-6 inches in height. In fall, these plants will set new spikes for blooming the following spring. Highly recommended for lovers of fragrant orchids, growers in cool to intermediate climates, and fans of showy flowers.

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