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Miltoniopsis (abbreviated Mps.) is often called the “Pansy Orchid” because its flowers resemble the pansy. Not to be confused with its similar sounding warm-growing relative the Miltonia, Miltoniopsis are cool to intermediate growers. This plant is a mericlone of a classic, white, fragrant Miltoniopsis. A possible tetraploid, the clone ‘Tanto’ is considered one of the best white Miltoniopsis; it is a vigorous grower that produces several spikes per pseudobulb with up to 8 large, impressive (almost 4 inches), showy, white flowers with a contrasting maroon mask and soft pink blush in the lateral sepals. A summertime bloomer, the flowers can last two months and are very showy and extremely fragrant! Mps. Lilian Nakamoto 'Tanto' is more warmth tolerant and easier to grow than other Mps. hybrids.


Miltoniopsis grow best in bright indirect light, under intermediate temperatures, tightly potted in sphagnum moss, kept evenly moist, given good air circulation, and high humidity. Low humidity or uneven watering will cause the leaves to be pleated like an accordion, which are not reversible. They do not tolerate heat and high temperatures; good air movement is essential during the summer. Can be grown on a windowsill or under lights. Highly recommended for lovers of fragrant orchids, growers in cool to intermediate climates, and fans of showy flowers.


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