MC2331 Milt. Augres 'Trinity' AM/RHS , MC2331
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Miltoniopsis (abbreviated Mps.) are commonly known as “pansy orchids” because its flowers resemble pansies. Not to be confused with Miltonia—its warm-growing cousin from Brazil, Miltoniopsis are cool to intermediate growing and range from Costa Rica to Ecuador and Venezuela. Mps. Augres 'Trinity' AM/RHS is a fabulous classic! It is a very vigorous grower, producing a multitude of flower spikes per pseudobulb on compact plants with an amazing sweet fragrance. The flowers are very saturated and have a distinct pansy-like pattern. Despite having pseudobulbs, Miltoniopsis do not like to dry out completely for extended lengths of time. We recommend using sphagnum moss as a potting medium. Miltoniopsis do best in bright indirect light (no direct sun), 40-60% humidity, and excellent air movement. A tell-tale sign of insufficient watering is the appearance of horizontal, accordion-like pleating of the newly developing leaves. Use a balanced fertilizer applied at half strength every other watering. Daytime high temperature should not exceed 80F especially during the hot summer months. Repot after it finishes flowering when new growths are 2-4 inches. Can be grown under lights or on a windowsill. Highly rewarding and very stunning. Very Highly Recommended. More Details