Lc. Dinard 'Blue Heaven' AM/AOS (Lc. Saint Gothard x C. Dinah), MC1787
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Item #: MC1787
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Undeniably, the Best of the Blues ! Three huge soft lavender-blue flowers graced this clone when it was awarded, each well-formed flower reaching almost 16cm x 19cm in size. Capable of flowering both spring and fall, this is one of the most fragrant Cattleyas ever. Accented with a beautifully ruffled indigo purple lip complete with a dramatic golden yellow throat bearing light purple veining, its heavy substance sparkling textured flowers make a dramatic presentation. Its mid-west breeding background is an honor roll of the best of Cattleya species with two shots of C. warscewiczii and C. warneri and one shot of C. trianae, C. schilleriana, C. tenebrosa and C. dowiana, making it an easy grower with great species vigor. Very Highly Recommended for every serious Cattleya collection ! More Details