L. anceps var compactum 'Petite Princess' ( x ) MC1850
L. anceps var compactum 'Petite Princess'  ( x )
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Item #: MC1850
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This particular clone of the famous Laelia anceps, ‘Petite Princess’, is a delightfully miniature form of the classic species ! Bearing short rhizomes with its flower spikes reaching approximately 12” in height, this terrific compact form was selected by Mr. Paul Grip, ‘Mr. Laelia’, of the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate for its uniquely miniature stature. Like its larger cousins, it’s easily grown and flowered outdoors in frost-free climates. Ideal for space-challenged collections, this compact form of the species can be enjoyed without taking over your growing space. We’re offering bare-root divisions of this very special miniature clone of a delightful species. Highly Recommended ! More Details