Hylocereus. costaricensis 'Red Fortune' MC442
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Item #: MC442
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No, this isn't an orchid, but it's so special that we have chosen to add it to our collection !  Often called the Costa Rica Nightblooming Cactus or the Costa Rican Dragon Fruit, it's a succulent cactus with cascading leafless stems.  Known for its stunning, up to 12", large white nocturnal flowers which are designed to attract nighttime bat pollinators, its flowers produce edible vibrant red-magenta fruits filled with tiny black seeds, the fruits referred to as Pitaya or Strawberry Pearl.  Being a member of the cactus family, general cactus culture in soil is recommended.  Do not allow it to become waterlogged and fertilize for best results.  Repot when it has outgrown its pot and withhold watering for about a week, then just water lightly until well established.  Highly Recommended ! More Details