Har. retrocalla 'Peloric' ( x )
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This is a rare and outstanding peloric form of our popular micro-miniature, NF1593 Haraella (abbreviated Har.) retrocalla. Peloric describes a mutation where the petals mimic the lip. This peloric clone recently received an AM award from the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association. The flowers of this clone are larger than the common form of the species.

 Har. retrocalla (formerly known as Har. odorata) is a unique micro-miniature orchid that can bloom year round if well-cared for. It is very forgiving and can tolerate a wide temperature range. Ideally, it prefers daytime temperatures between 70°F and 80°F with a 15-20°F differential at nighttime. This adorable orchid is an excellent candidate for beginners, and an excellent orchid for terrariums with good air circulation. This native Taiwan species is found at elevations between 3,300 and 6,500 feet above sea level. Locally, it is known as 香蘭 (xiang lán) or the “fragrant orchid”.

 Har. retrocalla has bright yellow flowers with mahogany accents and a light citrus scent. The scent and mahogany pattern mimics a female beetle, which tricks the male beetle into copulating with the flower.

It can be grown mounted or in a pot, thought it does best mounted. It does not like to dry out too thoroughly. In pots, this usually means watering every 2-3 days. If growing mounted, then water daily or every other day. High humidity (about 70%) will keep them from drying out as quickly. Har. retrocalla makes an excellent companion plant for Phalaenopsis as it shares the same cultural requirements. It likes low to medium light conditions, and does very well under lights. Avoid direct sunlight as it is too intense and will burn the delicate leaves. Fertilize regularly using a dilute solution (i.e., weekly weakly). Very highly recommended!

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