Epi. nocturnum var Peru (nocturnum ' Night Fragrance' x nocturnum ' Peru Giant'), NF1119, NF111, NF11, NF1
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Item #: NF1119
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Nocturnum is a Latin word meaning at night; Epi. nocturnum refers to the nighttime fragrance that this spectacular species emits. This extraordinary seed-grown population originates from two outstanding clones of this particular variety of Epi. nocturnum which comes from Peru, that produces flowers that are larger in size than other strains of this species, and in addition, a more compact growth habit.

Characterized by its large 3-lobed lip, it will flower on a terminal spike that can bloom for more than one season with successively opening flowers on both newly mature and older growths. It can flower from summer into fall. Epi. nocturnum need very bright indirect light (no direct sunlight in the afternoon hours), strong air movement and high humidity. It can be grown in intermediate to warm conditions and can tolerate temperature extremes as low as 50°F if kept on the dry side during the winter and as high as 95°F with good air circulation. During hot and dry weather, it should be watered several times a day. Excellent for growing outdoors in areas where winters are frost free and above 50°F. Can be grown mounted, or in a hanging basket or in a pot; on a windowsill or under lights. Use a very loose, fast-drying potting media with excellent drainage. Plants should be watered and fertilized regularly during active growth during spring through fall. Although these plants can adapt to drier conditions in winter, they do not really require a dry winter rest. These very rewarding plants are easy to grow and bloom. Highly Recommended!


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