Epc. Kyoguchi 'Happy Field' HCC/AOS (C. aurantiaca x Epi. aromaticum) MC256
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Registered in 1980, Epicattleya (abbreviated Epc.) Kyoguchi 'Happy Field’ HCC/AOS is a primary hybrid between C. aurantiaca (now classified as Gurrianthe aurantiaca) and Epi. aromaticum (now Encyclia incumbens).
This highly fragrant compact cattleya intergeneric hybrid is simply irresistible! It sports a multitude of flowers in sprays during the spring held above pseudobulbs. The highly scented flowers are light yellow-green when it first opens and turns into a deep canary yellow when it matures. The lip has contrasting vivid magenta veining. It has weather tolerance, inherited from C. aurantiaca, which means it can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. It will grow well outdoors and flower twice a year in areas like South Florida, where winters are mild. Due to its compact size, it is perfect for growing on a bright windowsill or under lights. It is easy to grow and a reliable bloomer. It is a vigorous grower that will quickly reach specimen size.

  This spectacular clone was selected in Japan and now has a Highly Commended Certificate (HCC) award from the American Orchid Society (AOS). We believe that with time, this award has the potential to be upgraded to an Award of Merit (AM). Note: Epc. Kyoguchi 'Happy Field’ HCC/AOS is also known as Guaricyclia (abbreviated Gcy.) Kyoguchi 'Happy Field’ HCC/AOS due to the reclassification of its species parents. Highly Recommended! Higher award potential.

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