Den. moniliforme 'Silver Snow ( Ginsetsu )' 日本長生蘭 - 銀雪 MC2242
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Dendrobium moniliforme is native to Japan, Korea, China, the Himalayas, and northern Indochina. It is found at elevations of 800 to 3000 meters. It is called the Japanese Stone Orchid (also referred to as Choseiran日本長生蘭 in Japan).


Choseiran is a traditional orchid growing which consists of variegated or mutated leaf Den. moniliforme, collected from the wild, and was refined by peculiar sensibility based on Japanese culture. The continuance of the mutation is strictly confirmed and severely selected and finally named as a Choseiran. Its form is about 8 inches maximum and 1 inch minimum that allows many plants in a narrow space so everyone can grow them in every living circumstance.


The clone ‘Ginsetsu’ is Japanese for Silver Snow銀雪. It is one of the nicest and easiest growing variegated Dendrobium moniliforme. It is a robust grower, extremely hardy with weather tolerance and can take hot temperatures in summer and cold temperatures down to freezing (if kept dry). It can be grown in a pot (planted snugly) or mounted. Can be grown under lights or on a windowsill. Water and fertilize regularly during active growth. It can be grown outdoors year round in areas where winters are mild and frost free. In order to bloom well, it needs a drier, cooler and brighter conditions in winter similar to the Nobile type Dendrobiums. It tends to form keiki instead of buds if kept too warm during winter. Resume regular watering and fertilizer once buds open. It is not uncommon for this species to flower again in late summer to early fall on older canes.


It is normal for the leaves to turn yellow and drop during fall. Buds will form in January or February. Crystalline white flowers are borne on leafless canes. The flowers are sweetly fragrant. Do cut the canes after flowering as it can bloom again next year. The different clones of Den. moniliforme are highly collectible. Check out our other clone with pink flowers Den. moniliforme 'Sakura' 桜 (Item #MC2850). This is the perfect plant for growers with limited space.


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