Den. bellatulum NF1160
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Extremely showy—the flowers are larger than the plant! Found in the Himalayas, southern China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in primary montane forests at altitudes of 2,300 to 7,000 feet, this charming dwarf species is a member of the nigro-hirsute (meaning black hair) section of dendrobium because it has tiny black hairs on the undersides of the leaves and on canes. Up to 3-5 large (approx. 2 inches) long-lasting white flowers with a prominent orange lip bloom on top of leafless canes. It will rebloom on old canes for several years. Den. bellatulum thrive in bright indirect light and intermediate to warm temperatures and high humidity. It grows best mounted because it needs to dry out thoroughly between watering. If it must be grown in a pot, use a fine, loose, quickly draining substrate and a small pot to ensure that the roots dry quickly. Water and fertilize regularly during active growth. During the summer it may need to be watered daily. This species needs a cooler, drier winter rest—reduce watering and stop fertilizer beginning in November and give cooler nighttime temperature about 55-60°F. Resume regular watering and fertilizing when it blooms around March. Highly recommended for the species lover. As these plants are seedlings, each plant is unique and may differ from the photo.


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