Den. aphyllum var compactum 'Sakura; MC1986
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Item #: MC1986
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A select strain from Japan, this ‘Sakura’ clone of Den. aphyllum is highly favored in the land of their beloved Cherry Blossoms !  Appropriately named ‘Sakura’, it’s exceptional for its beautiful full ruffled white lip in stunning contrast to its darker pink petals and sepals.  This particular clone has a later blooming season than other Den. aphyllums, growing and flowering on much shorter canes.  It will also re-bloom from the older deciduous canes in addition to the newly matured.  Best grown mounted or in a basket to allow for a magnificent flowering display from its pendant canes.  Provide a drier winter rest with no fertilizer to ensure a bountiful spring flowering and resume normal watering and fertilizing at the onset of new growths.  An outstanding clone and Highly Recommended !

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