Den. Nestor 'Red Tower' , MC2354
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Extraordinary first USA release! Den. Nestor is a classic old hybrid registered in 1892. It is a primary hybrid with Den. parishii and Den. anosmum. The hybrid has the best traits of both parents and it is easier to grow and bloom than either parent. Den. Nestor has been remade many times over the years with different varieties of the species parents.

 This exceptional clone ‘Red Tower’ is a line-bred selection for the the tallest canes of all Den. Nestor (influence from Den. anosmum) and purple flowers. These plants originate from keiki (not a mericlone that is mass produced) of the mother plant to ensure that they bloom true to type. For the tall towering effect, give optimum growing conditions of warm daytime and nighttime temperatures. The clone 'Red Tower' produces 4-foot long pendulous or cascading canes and up to 50 red (purple) flowers that are strongly scented. Can be grown in a pot (with proper staking) or mounted or in a hanging basket such that the canes cascade. Wonderful spring bloomers between March and May; these plants have heat tolerance; and do not need a cold winter rest in order to bloom. Blooms on old and newly matured leafless canes. It is normal for the leaves to turn yellow and drop in the fall. Can be grown outdoors in areas where winters are mild and frost free, such as South FL and Southern CA. Mature plants put on a spectacular display. Highly recommended! A “must have” for lovers of fragrant orchids.


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