Den. King Dragon (King Dragon ' Splash ' x King Dragon ' Fire Cracker ') NF2249
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Item #: NF2249
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The possibilities from this sib cross of Den. King Dragon, using the clone ‘Splash’, are endless !  Although every seedling will be different, the odds of flowering a dramatic splash petal form with a nice broad lip are good.  From those we have seen so far, the lips have been broad and flat, giving the appearance of a third petal, reminiscent of a Miltonia in form.  To complete the symmetry of the flowers, the lips tend to reflect the same splash petal patterning of the petals, adding to their unique charm.  Although the flowers open pink, the flare or “splash” intensifies as the flower continues to mature over a period of two weeks.  Under higher light, their color will be more red or purple-red, so summer flowering and winter will vary according to light intensity and temperature.  Heavy flower substance leads to a long-lasting display of this unique splash petal Dendrobium.  Very Highly Recommended!

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a Seedling Population (not a Mericlone which produces exact duplicates), the picture is for illustration purposes only. No two plants will be the same from this cross, and they will flower in a range of possibilities coming from the two parents.
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