Den. Jan Orinstein 'Oh My God' (aphyllum x polyanthum) MC2372
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“Oh My God” perfectly describes this extraordinary primary hybrid Dendrobium registered by Mr.Robert Fuchs of RF Orchids in 1979. It is the most uttered remark upon seeing this plant in full bloom. This special clone comes from Asia. This is a remake using amazing and superior new species parents from South Vietnam resulting in a darker color form, with canes reaching 6 to 8 feet long. These plants are keiki from the original mother plant—not a mericlone that is mass produced, so they are true to type. We are excited to offer this exclusive USA release. Excellent for mounting outdoors on trees in areas that have frost-free winters or growing in a hanging basket. It needs high humidity, regular watering and fertilizer (at least once a day in summer if mounted) during active growth, and good air circulation. If grown in hanging pots or baskets, the medium should be loose and quick draining. To encourage blooming, cease fertilizer in October and reduce watering. Give it a cooler, drier winter rest. It is normal for the leaves to turn yellow and drop during the fall. Since it can bloom from leafless canes, do not cut them off unless it is brown and dry. Buy this magnificent plant and be the envy of your friends and have a show stopping winner at orchid shows!


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