Den. Formidible 'Floribunda' (formosanum ' giant' x infundiblum ' 4N '), MC1903
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Item #: MC1903
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Den. Formidible is an classic primary hybrid with Den. formosum and Den. indundibulum, registered in 1967. Den. Formidible 'Floribunda' has two incredible parents. Den. formosanum ‘Giant’ was chosen for its impressive flower size, which is passed on to its progeny. Den. infundibulum '4N' is a tetraploid, meaning it has twice the number of chromosomes, which makes the plant larger, husky, and increases the size and substance of the flowers. The combination of these two superior parents results in compact, stocky plants with impressively large 5-inch flowers with extremely heavy substance. The clone ‘Floribunda’ refers to its ease of flowering in abundance. Capable of flowering again from its older canes, its long-lasting, fragrant, crystalline flowers create beautiful bouquets near the top of its canes in April and May, producing 5-inch Cattleya-like flowers with an amazing Easter lily fragrance, perfectly timed for Easter and Mother’s Day. 

 This plant has an unusual characteristic—the entire plant, from canes to the top and underside of the leaves, is covered with short black hair. This how this section of dendrobium got its name “nigrohirsuitae” (now renamed “formosae”). These plants are disease and pest resistant. Mites and thrips do not find the hairy canes and leaves inviting. Although an intermediate grower, we have found they are also weather tolerant. We’ve tested its temperature tolerance here in southern California and have found it grows well for us outdoors along with our Cymbidiums. We grow them outdoors down to 40° – 45° F at night during winter when kept dry and over 100° F during summer. Can be grown on a bright windowsill or under lights. It grows well with Cycnoches, Cattleya, and Cymbidum under strong light and abundant water when it is in the active growing season from May – October. For best flowering, fertilize regularly during the active growing season and applications of Mega Thrive will promote formation of clusters of flowers.  It can re-bloom from the old canes and newly matured canes from the apex. A highly rewarding plant and a welcome addition to any collection. Easy to grow and bloom.

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