Den. Enobi Purple 'Splash' AM/AOS (Den. Enobi Komachi x Den. Laguna Princess) , MC1559
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Item #: MC1559
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In addition to the AM/AOS and CCM/AOS awards granted to this clone in Taiwan, it has just received an AM/HOS and CCM/HOS from the Honolulu Orchid Society for a beautifully grown specimen plant ! In addition to its unique fuchsia-splashed sepals and petals, it’s also an outstanding miniature, a much smaller grower than the typically taller growing standard Dendrobium. This is probably the best of all Den. bigibbum hybrids since it doesn’t succumb to a bud drop problem like so many other Den. bigibbum progeny. We’ve already seen this flower 2-3 times a year for us in southern California. An extremely rewarding display for such a small footprint plant. Highly Recommended! More Details