Den. Cynosure 'Red Sun' , MC2849
Den. Cynosure 'Red Sun'
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Item #: mC2849
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This remarkable hybrid from Japan has an unknown orchid registration and is likely a trade name. It is a miniature nobile type that produces clusters of highly fragrant pink flowers. This hybrid is confirmed to be a tetraploid (4N), which means that it has twice the normal number of chromosomes. We suspect that it has similar breeding as Den. Rainbow Dance 'Akazukinchan' HCC/AOS & CCM/AOS (Kurenai x unicum) [see our # MC1181 for reference], but more compact with stocky growth habit and twice the flower size. These plants are weather tolerant, able to tolerate hot and cool temperatures. Can be grown in a pot or mounted on a windowsill or under lights. Can be grown outdoors in areas where winters are mild and frost free. Perfect for growers with limited space.


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