Den. Baltimore Oriole 'Angry Birds' (Frosty Dawn x Roongkamol vejvarut) MC2475
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Our friend Mr. Jiaho Huang, who is an amazing hybridizer, created this amazing two-tone Dendrobium hybrid. Some of his other creations include Den. Jiaho Delight and Onc. Jiaho Queen. This clone is very unusual not only for its eye-catching bicolor petals but also for its large, brilliant orange lip! It is also very compact, growing only 6 – 8 inches in height. It has extremely long-lasting, large flowers that re-bloom on the old canes and can flower several times a year. The blooms open a "cream" cp;pr with the orange gradually appearing as the flower matures.  This hybrid has only 3 species in its ancestry. Its genetic composition is Den. formosum 50.0%, Den. cruentum 37.5%, and Den. scabrilingue 12.5%. This spectacular dendrobium is easy to grow. Can be potted or mounted. Grow in intermediate to warm temperature, high humidity, good air circulation, and very bright conditions on a windowsill or under lights. Fertilize regularly from spring through fall. Keep moist but not soggy during active growth (from spring through fall), letting it dry in between watering. Give it cooler and slightly drier conditions during the winter. It is normal for its leaves to turn yellow and fall off of mature canes during winter. Great for beginners or growers with limited space.


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