Clowesia Rebecca Northen 'Grapefruit Pink' CCM/AOS (Grace Dunn x rosea) , MC227
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Clowesia (abbreviated Cl.) Rebecca Northen was registered and created by William Whitmore Goodale Moir (pronounced Moyer) in 1971. Mr. Moir (born in 1896 on the big island of Hawaii) was also a renowned orchid breeder, developing more than 65 hybrids. Goodale (as he is known to close friends) has had several hundred articles published on orchids and their hybridization. In the early 1950s, Mr. Moir pioneered Tolumnia orchid breeding when he began crossing species he had collected while on business trips in the West Indies. Among the orchids he registered with the Royal Horticultural Society include: Cattleya Memoria Goldie C. Moir, Tolumnia lalita Pia, Cattleya Peggy Moir, Miltonia Goodale Moir, Brassia Rex, Stanhopea Memoria Paul Allen, Clowesia Rebecca Northern, Miltonia Olmec, and Miltonia Aztec.


Clowesia Rebecca Northen is extremely popular, famous for its fantastic display of pedant pink flowers and ginger fragrance. It was named after Rebecca Northen who was an orchid hobbyist who also was an author of orchid books. Home Orchid Growing published in 1970, is considered to be one of the best reference books on orchids even to this day.


This select clone 'Grapefruit Pink' has garnered a Certificate of Cultural Merit (CCM) from the American Orchid Society (AOS) in 2020. At the time of award, it had 340 flowers and 43 buds on 39 pendulous inflorescences well-distributed around an exceptional 28 cm wide by 20 cm tall plant in a 54 cm plastic pot; sepals and petals acuminate; flowers light shell pink, cupped petals blend to light cream centrally; lip fimbriate, throat light green, grass green striation; anther cap light green; substance hard; texture matte.


This orchid does best in semi-shaded light and should be watered as the moss approaches dryness during the flowering and growth periods. Fertilize with every watering during the growth period, then stop all fertilizer once the plant drops its leaves for the winter dormancy period. The leaves will completely fall off either before or during flowering. After leaf drop, keep the potting mix drier and water only if the pseudobulbs shrivel.


This show-stopping hybrid is highly sought after and puts on a spectacular, eye-catching display. Each

mature pseudobulb can carry 1 – 4 pendant inflorescences at a time. Grows well with Cattleya, Dendrobium, and Oncidium.  Can be grown in a pot or in a hanging basket. Rarely found in the marketplace. Highly recommended. 


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