C. Cherry Bee 'Happy Field' (Cherry Chip x Beaufort) , MC2722
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Cattleya Cherry Bee was created and registered by T. Kuroyanagi in 1994. This strain is a remake using the tetraploid version of C. Beaufort, which results in stocky plants and large flowers with a heavy substance. C. Cherry Bee 'Happy Field' is an adorable teacup-sized miniature Cattleya hybrid. The plant does not reach more than 4 inches in height when mature; perfect for growers with limited space.

The fragrant flowers are long-lasting and large for the size of the plant, about 1.5 to 2.75 inches (4—7 cm) wide. It has pale lavender sepals, pale yellow to lavender petals with deep magenta outer edges, and dark magenta on the outer edge of the lip. The plant blooms in autumn and is very heat tolerant, though it favors intermediate temperatures. It is a vigorous grower, flowering on every new growth for us in southern California. Can be grown on a windowsill, under lights or in an orchid cabinet. A welcome addition to any orchid collection. Highly recommended.

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